Pharma Trend Image & Innovation Award

The winners of the renowned awards "Die Goldene Tablette®" (The Golden Tablet) and "Das innovativste Produkt®" (The Most Innovative Product) as well as the ranking „Pharma Trend® Deutschland Beste Pharma-Unternehmen“ (Pharma Trend Germany Best Pharmaceutical Company) will be announced for the 23rd time on 13 September 2022 at the Pharma Trend Image & Innovation Awards in Munich.



Top position in the healthcare turnover ranking

According to the industry portal PR-Journal, Dorothea Küsters Life Science Communications is once again one of the highest-turnover healthcare PR agencies in Germany this year. Among the consultancies that specialize 100 percent in health communication, the Frankfurt agency even ranks 4th.



With Dentaid to the gargling diploma

Dentaid, the Mannheim-based oral care company, is calling on people to gargle against infections and for general health in a social media campaign.



Orthos Sleep Report on World Sleep Day

66 percent of German beds are noisy at night. This is how many people state in a representative IPSOS survey commissioned by the orthodontic specialist laboratory Orthos that they themselves or their partner snore.



Dental sleep medicine on the upswing

"Germany breathes a sigh of relief" was the motto of the virtual symposium of the German Society for Dental Sleep Medicine (DGZS). Experts from this new speciality discussed the recent decision of the Joint Federal Committee of Doctors and Health Insurers (G-BA) on the reimbursability of mandibular advancement splints (UPS) and the new guideline on splint therapy for adults (registration number: 083-045).



Our new address since July 26, 2021 is: Falkstraße 5, D-60487 Frankfurt/Main


GEHWOL Blogger Campaign Wins Double International German PR Award

With the influencer marketing campaign "Bloggerherzen für Füße: Der GEHWOL Testerclub" (Blogger hearts for feet: The GEHWOL Tester Club), Dorothea Küsters Life Science Communications wins in two categories at the International German PR Award 2021. The campaign for foot care specialist Eduard Gerlach has already won the PR Report Award, the German Prize for Online Communication, the German Stevie Award and the German Brand Award.



GEHWOL blogger campaign also wins German Brand Award 2021

The cross-media campaign "Bloggerherzen für Füße: Der GEHWOL Testerclub" (Bloggers' Hearts for Feet: The GEHWOL Tester Club), which has already won several awards, has been named winner in the Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation category of the German Brand Award 2021. In this category, the German Brand Institute Foundation awards prizes for the strongest campaigns, concepts and strategies in individual disciplines.



Expertise in rare diseases

Our new corporate image ad focuses on our diverse expertise in rare disease communications. Published in Healthcare Marketing's special "Brand management for Orphan Drugs."



Gehwol blogger campaign wins two prestigious awards

The influencer marketing campaign "Bloggerherzen für Füße: Der Gehwol Testerclub" (Blogger hearts for feet: The Gehwol tester club) has been awarded two prestigious communication prizes: The PR Report Award and the German Prize for Online Communication.



Press Officers Yearbook: Our Experience - Your Success

Intelligent Strategies. Convincing messages. Emotionalising campaigns. Sustainable positioning. Efficient networking. Implementation in line with budget.



Pharma Trend Image & Innovation Award

Renowned awards such as "Best Pharmaceutical Company in Germany", "The Golden Tablet" and "The Most Innovative Product" will be presented for the 21st time at the Pharma Trend Image & Innovation Awards in Munich on September 15, 2020.



Insmed starts digital communications offensive

Lung diseases (NTM-LD) caused by non-tuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) are rare. Likewise are current guidelines in the area of "rare diseases". In order to give the recently finished first international guidelines for the treatment of NTM-LD the necessary attention, Insmed Germany started a digital communications offensive.



First digital unboxing in the GEHWOL Testerclub

A Community Event despite Corona Lockdown, this succeeded for 113 members of the 340 Beauty Blogger and Instagramers counting GEHWOL tester club (GTC): With the very first digital #GTC-Unboxing-Event via video-conference.



Relaunch of the information portal hae-erkennen.de

Spot-on landing for World HAE Day on 16 May: Dorothea Küsters Life Science Communications is responsible for redesigning the content of the website on hereditary angioedema (HAE).



PR Report chooses growth champion

Dorothea Küsters Life Science Communications is one of the fastest growing PR agencies in Germany, according to the industry magazine PR Report in its January 2020 issue.



We donate for PROBONO school partnerships

Improving the educational opportunities of children and young people in Africa and creating perspectives for a better future, that is the goal of PROBONO School Partnerships for One World e.V. Dorothea Küsters Life Science Communications supports the work of the non-profit organisation , founded 15 years ago, every year at Christmas with a substantial donation.



Pharma Trend Image & Innovation Award

Renowned awards such as "Germany's Best Pharmaceutical Company", "The Golden Tablet" and "The Most Innovative Product" were presented for the 20th time at the Pharma Trend Image & Innovation Awards in Munich.



Step by step: Awareness for chronically ill lung patients

It is important to be active! Especially for COPD patients. But: Motivating lung patients to be physically active is not so easy. This is why Berlin-Chemie has developed the exercise initiative "My breath, my way". Dorothea Küsters Life Science Communications is still in charge of the media work.



Giving and running at the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge

Dorothea Küsters PR experts also took part in the world's largest corporate run for a good cause: more than 250,000 euros were donated to the Stiftung Deutsche Sporthilfe and the Deutsche Behindertensportjugend.



Professional Training kick-off on diabetes in dentistry

Sanofi Roadshow launch: Experts from medicine and dentistry adopt recommendations for optimized interdisciplinary treatment of oral complications in diabetes.



Creative and interactive: how to emotionalise a congress symposium

How much digitalisation does the doctor need? This is what Berlin-Chemie wanted to know from the congress participants of the German Society for Internal Medicine (DGIM). An interactive symposium provided exciting answers and insights.



In a golden glance - strategic media work nobly presented

"COPD: New GOLD standard emphasizes individualized therapy" was the title of a practice recommendation published by six respiratory experts in the German medical journal “Deutsches Ärzteblatt”. Berlin-Chemie commissioned Dorothea Küsters' team to make its contents known quickly and memorably to an even wider target group of pneumologists and general practitioners.



Influencer relations at the #Gehwoltesterclubday2019

Selected beauty influencers from the exclusive GEHWOL Tester Club, which now has over 200 members, immersed themselves in the secrets of a foot care specialist.



Content marketing with GEHWOL foot care trends

"Anchoring foot care in consumer´s mind" is the goal of GEHWOL, a brand of Eduard Gerlach GmbH in Lübbecke.



Surf and enjoy with the Nestlé Nutrition Studio

The Nestlé Nutrition Studio is becoming a relevant guide and companion for consumers. Here PR plays an important role. The example shows: Branding in consumer media is possible - with the right content!



Expert Discussion on Diabetic Foot Syndrome

Raising patient awareness for the prevention of the most frequent complications with diabetes was the topic of an interdisciplinary round table with experts from diabetology, dermatology, dermopharmacy and podology, to which the GEHWOL manufacturer and foot care specialist Eduard Gerlach had invited.