Expert Discussion on Diabetic Foot Syndrome

Raising patient awareness for the prevention of the most frequent complications with diabetes was the topic of an interdisciplinary round table with experts from diabetology, dermatology, dermopharmacy and podology, to which the GEHWOL manufacturer and foot care specialist Eduard Gerlach had invited.

Around one million diabetics in Germany have an increased risk of diabetic foot syndrome (DFS), 250,000 are directly affected and 30,000 suffer from amputation every year. The identification of high-risk patients and their consistent sensitisation, including foot training, is one of the most important prevention strategies. However, hardly half of diabetics are aware of the risks or - as recommended in the DSF S4 guideline - are taught foot care and hygiene. The experts underlined the importance of galenic formulations that address the specific causes of skin problems in diabetes. A wide range of products that meet consumer demands for fragrance and consistency, address specific skin problems and provide scientific evidence for improved skin circulation in diabetics - such as GEHWOL med Lipidro Cream - were particularly well received by the experts. The results of the Round Table will be published in a leading trade journal.