Creative and interactive: how to emotionalise a congress symposium

How much digitalisation does the doctor need? This is what Berlin-Chemie wanted to know from the congress participants of the German Society for Internal Medicine (DGIM). An interactive symposium provided exciting answers and insights.

The digital transformation of the health care system has changed the role of the physician forever: He is increasingly becoming a navigator and pathfinder. His patients also expect orientation, discussions at eye level and reliable information. For this reason, the DGIM Congress and the Berlin-Chemie Symposium were entirely under the motto "Digital Health".

In order to let the congress visitors have their say and ask specifically "What moves you in terms of digitalisation", Dorothea K├╝sters Life Sccience Communications organised an interactive symposium. In addition to doctors, specialist journalists also took part in the symposium. Two experts and a moderator passed the "balls" to each other and directed their questions directly to the audience. The audience voted via iPad. The answers appeared on the screen in real time. A graphic recording continuously visualized relevant facts, survey results and trends live on site.

Keeping in mind: The graphic recording was available in digital form shortly after the end of the symposium. This enabled participants and press representatives to experience the most important aspects once again emotionally and to anchor them in their memories. Elaborately designed postcards with a QR code, which linked directly to the visual summary, allowed all DGIM visitors to share in the results of the symposium. This opened up the possibility of winning new ambassadors.

Picture: Berlin-Chemie