Surf and enjoy with the Nestlé Nutrition Studio

The Nestlé Nutrition Studio is becoming a relevant guide and companion for consumers. Here PR plays an important role. The example shows: Branding in consumer media is possible - with the right content!

Just a few years ago, being healthy simply meant not being ill. That has changed. More and more people want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and thus prevent disease. The topic of nutrition is of course very important in a healthy lifestyle.

Founded in 2005, the Nestlé Nutrition Studio (https://ernaehrungsstudio.nestle.de) is dedicated to providing a wealth of information and tools, not only to expert target groups, but also to those who are conscious about nutrition or who are interested in a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle for the whole family.

Since 2010, the interactive portal has also been made known to its target groups through press and public relations work. The PR agency dk Life Science Communications, which specializes in health communication, meets the highest demands in terms of brand reference, reach and KPIs.

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