Dental sleep medicine on the upswing

"Germany breathes a sigh of relief" was the motto of the virtual symposium of the German Society for Dental Sleep Medicine (DGZS). Experts from this new speciality discussed the recent decision of the Joint Federal Committee of Doctors and Health Insurers (G-BA) on the reimbursability of mandibular advancement splints (UPS) and the new guideline on splint therapy for adults (registration number: 083-045).

The main sponsor was the orthodontic specialist laboratory Orthos, Frankfurt am Main, which supports dental practices in the implementation of anti-snoring splints with its SchlafHarmonie brand. This is not only a new field of therapy with economic potential: practices can use it to save nights, partnerships and even lives. Because snoring is not only annoying, breathing stops can also endanger health and even lead to a stroke. 

In his lecture, laboratory manager Oliver Handwerk took a stand on the G-BA decision from a dental technology perspective. As a provider of mandibular advancement splints, Orthos welcomes the decision. The quality of care is ensured and so-called "boil and bite splints" from commercial providers are counteracted. The therapy is demanding and must be accompanied by a dentist and dental technician. Orthos supports the selection of the appropriate device as well as the implementation of the complete workflow, dk Life Science Communications supports the communication to professional and public target groups.