Dorothea Küsters

CEO and Founder

Dirk Fischer

Director OTC, Corporate Publishing & Social Media

M.A. History and Political Science, Law

Bettina Sieber

Director Rx, Public Affairs, International


Dr. Monika Vogt

Director Medical Education & Medical Writing


Wolfgang Küsters

Senior Advisor

Dr. Patrick Arbogast

PR Junior Consultant and Medical Writer


Dr. Janet Bachmann

Senior Medical Writer


Isabel Becker

PR Senior Consultant

M.A. American Studies, Art History, Political Science

Lars Bruhn

Team Head

Social Economist

Laura Intile

PR Senior Consultant

M.A. Medieval and Modern History

Dr. Marianne Janas

Senior Medical Writer

M.Sc. Biomedicine

Marie-Thérèse Mink

PR Consultant

M.Sc. Environmental Biosciences

Dr. Antonia Moll

Medical Writer

M.Sc. Biochemistry

Chiaka Ninikanwa

Working Student

Sarah Peters

Medical Writer

M.Sc. Molecular and Cellular Biology

Sarah Pick

PR Junior Consultant, Medical Writer

M.Sc. Biochemistry and Biophysics

Daniel Schwind

PR Consultant

M.Sc. Nutrition and Health

Imke Spöring

Medical Writer

M.Sc. Biology

Philipp Stangier

PR Junior Consultant

M.Sc. Psychology

Nadine Stowasser

Medical Writer

M.Sc. Molecular Biosciences

Lisa Viel

PR Junior Consultant

B.A. Media and Business Psychology

Vanessa Westphal

PR Consultant

B.A. English Studies

Vanessa Winkler

PR Consultant

M.A. Sociology and Social Research

Sarah Winter

PR Consultant

M.A. Comparative Literature

Christiane Zebrowski

Office Management

Assistant Tax Consultant