Our values

The management and employees of dk Life Science Communications are committed to principles of loyalty to their clients and in relation to their cooperation with the media and our position in society. We define these principles according to a common understanding and on the basis of the applicable codes of our profession: German Code of Communications, Code d'Athène and Code de Lisbonne, the Ethical Protocol of the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management, as well as the DRPR guidelines on online PR, contact in the political arena, dealing with journalists, media cooperation and the ban on hidden advertising. In addition, as a specialist agency for healthcare communications, we respect the rules of the FSA Code on transparency in our cooperation with healthcare professionals and medical institutions.  These principles are bindingly acknowledged by each individual employee. Everyone is aware that violations of this Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary consequences up to and including termination of employment. This underlines the seriousness of our voluntary commitment and the principles formulated here.


We work for our clients on the basis of mutual trust. Therefore we treat all information of our clients confidentially:

  • All information about our clients and the respective project circulates only within the respective project team. Third parties do not receive documents and information from and about the client as long as they are not released for publication by the client.
  • All information marked "confidential" is only accessible to a group of people previously defined with the client.
  • All employees are subject to a strict talk and gossip ban in public (restaurants, airplanes, trains, etc.) about unpublished information. This also applies to the private environment.
  • All freelancers and contractors involved in a project must sign an appropriate confidentiality agreement.

Conflicts of competition

The support of several companies in the same industry creates great market experience and consulting expertise. However, it also makes it necessary to seal off the company-specific information and data of our clients internally. For this reason, when supporting competing companies with possibly opposing market objectives, we will only work with the express permission of the companies concerned and will only use separate teams of consultants. All operative processes and all data stocks will be reliably separated from each other.

Cooperation with the media

We represent the interests of our clients in the world of media, communicating their position in the pluralism of information and opinions to the public. At the same time, we are committed to protecting the interests of the public. We respect the fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution, and in particular the freedom and independence of the media, and do not interfere with them by unfair means. We fend off illegal claims by our clients.

1. Fundamentals

In our cooperation with the media, we expressly commit ourselves to the applicable media law, competition law, copyright, press law, trademark law, freedom of expression and the applicable codes of the profession.

2. Truth and clarity

We are aware that our work contributes to the formation of public opinion. We make our work open and transparent, as far as the legal regulations and the confidentiality obligations towards the respective clients allow. We ensure that the senders of messages are clearly identifiable and that our sources can be verified at all times and are indicated in the information we prepare. We are committed to truthfulness and do not disseminate false or misleading information or unchecked rumours.

3. Ban on hidden advertising

We respect the separation of editorial and advertising content and do not engage in surreptitious advertising. In media relations we are only rewarded for the selection, preparation and distribution of information. Information is always an offer to the editorial office/media, the editorial offices themselves decide on its publication or use. We use the know-how and experience of the agency for optimal preparation and professional distribution. The agency cannot and does not want to guarantee an editorial placement.

4. Advertisements/cooperations

We also prepare information for paid space in the media and advocate that this is marked accordingly. Here too, we observe the separation requirement under press law and the principle of transparency. In the case of media cooperations, we provide prepared information for use and publication free of charge and without any direct or indirect reward or claim to influence.

5. Freelancers

As a matter of principle, we only commission freelance journalists and copywriters to research information or write texts. They receive an appropriate fee for this. They are not remunerated on a performance-related basis for the publication of information.

Social responsibility

In our own work and in our cooperation with our customers, as well as in the selection of our suppliers, we are committed to protecting our environment, further promoting the idea of environmental protection, respecting universal human rights and the rights of employees. We will not tolerate all forms of corruption, forced and child labour, any sexist, racial or religious discrimination or other inhuman practices.